Lithium batteries are currently widely used in products such as mobile phones, notebook computers, digital cameras, electric vehicles, power tools, and new energy vehicles. At present, most manufacturers waste a lot of labor when injecting electrolyte into the battery, and the production efficiency is low.

Provide a fully automatic integrated lithium battery production line, an integrated production line consisting of an oven, a cooling glove box, a liquid injection glove box, a buffer glove box, an extrusion (standstill) vacuum shelter, a sealing glove box and a discharge vacuum shelter. Put the battery in a vacuum oven for baking and vacuum to minimize the moisture of the battery; the battery after baking automatically enters the cooling glove box through the conveying device, and the cooling glove box has a cooling device to quickly cool the battery; the cooled battery is conveyed. The device can gradually and automatically enter the liquid injection glove box to inject liquid; after liquid injection, the battery enters the buffer glove box; the battery in the buffer glove box enters the squeeze (standstill) vacuum cabin to squeeze the battery; squeeze (stand) vacuum After the shelter is left in a vacuum, the battery automatically enters the sealed glove box to seal the battery; the battery comes out through the discharge shelter, and the entire conveying process of the battery can be automatically transferred.

The advantages of the fully automatic integrated lithium battery production line: the oven and the glove box are seamlessly connected to achieve continuous production, fast cooling speed, anhydrous and oxygen-free operating environment, automatic transmission and other functions, the configuration of the MES manufacturing execution system, and the realization of information production. Customers do not need to build a drying room and purchase a runner dehumidification system, saving investment costs and operating costs.

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