1.Oven and glove box


2. The oven is installed in a shift or more shift production materials for baking, dehydration;


3. Automatic transmission in the oven;


4. After the oven material baking process is completed, it is transferred to the glove box cooling area at a time.


5. After the cooling is completed, the automatic tapping manipulates, transmits the process, soaking, soaking, standing, sealing, etc., these steps are automatic production steps;


6. After the above operation is completed, through the big warehouse;


7. After the oven is transferred to the glove box, the oven is transferred to the glove box, the door to the glove box, open the outer gate, and reload the next shift material oven and the original process. This production line does not have multiple oven docks, and one or more shift materials can be baked, saving production time, reducing production links, and avoids secondary pollution of other operations. Ensure the quality of the product, plus the use of robots, saving a lot of labor, achieving automation production.

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