The stainless steel vacuum glove box is a double-operated laboratory vacuum glove box. The box body is made of 8mm thick 304 stainless steel plate, and the transition chamber thickness is 6mm. The thickened material of the glove box can still be good without additional steel structure. With the positive and negative pressure bearing capacity, it provides a larger working space for experimental operations. Each side of the glove box is equipped with a detachable transition compartment, which is more convenient to place and take out items, and has good sealing and pressure holding capabilities. The glove box increases the area of the window without affecting the convenience of operation, so that the operation The field of vision of the personnel in the experiment is more open and comfortable. It is worth mentioning that the detachable design on the back of the glove box studio is designed to facilitate large instruments or other items to enter the glove box, and it is of great significance for convenience in use, maintenance and maintenance.

Create a closed environment isolated from the outside, extract the active substances in the environment, and fill in inert gas or nitrogen to make the environment continue to maintain a clean, dry, high-purity inert gas state.

Features of Vacuum Glove Box

Stainless steel structure, anti-corrosion, easy to clean, no pollution.

The observation window is 30 mm thick plexiglass with a wide viewing angle.

Equipped with lighting bulbs in the box, it overcomes the shortcomings of dead corners in the lighting box outside the box.

The box is equipped with multi-hole electrical sockets to facilitate scientific experiments.

Partial heating can be carried out in the box.

The operating gloves are thick latex gloves, which are tightly sealed.

All specifications can be customized according to user requirements.

Application field

1. Scientific research work in anhydrous, oxygen-free, and dust-free environment;

2. OLED production and research and development;

3. Lithium battery production;

4. R&D and production of chemicals and new materials;

5. Manufacture and production of special lamps;

6. R&D and production of tablets;

7. Capacitor grinding and production;

8. Special welding;

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