1.The solvent processing device requires that the system can be operated independently, and can process 3 to 8 solvents at the same time;

2. For the initial solvent (the water content is not more than 500ppm), the water content of the purified solvent should be about 10ppm, and the effective treatment volume of each solvent is not less than 800 liters;

3. Equipped with a safety fireproof cabinet for easy storage and placement of solvent storage tanks;

4. Operating table: stainless steel pipeline, each solvent has a five-way valve to control the solvent, gas and vacuum safety valve, which can be operated with one hand:

5. Each solvent is equipped with an independent pressure gauge;

6. There are supporting feet or casters at the bottom of the overall system for easy fixation and movement;

7. The solvent purification column is exposed outside the body, in order to observe the operating status of the instrument, and it is more convenient to maintain.

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