During the use of the vacuum pump unit, the size of the gap will have a relatively obvious impact on the function of the product. When it is severe, the equipment will not work normally. What are the reasons for this problem and what specific impact will it cause?


    1. For axial single-effect pumps, the axial gap refers to the end gap between the impeller and the pump body. It can be seen that when the gap exceeds a certain value, the relative pumping time required by the pump with the same axial gap is related to the required vacuum degree. For the same vacuum degree, the relative pumping time varies with the addition of the axial gap.


    2. The gap of the vacuum pump unit is the effect of volume loss or volume power on the pump function. Take the single-effect water ring vacuum pump as an example to illustrate the regularity of this effect. The gap of the water ring vacuum pump is divided into radial gap and axial gap.


    After the vacuum pump unit is installed, it is recommended to carefully check whether the gap running-in of each part meets the requirements, to avoid excessive gaps that may cause the unit to function abnormally, and even cause greater damage to the unit.

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