Manufacturing Method of Lithium Battery Liquid Injection Machine

Soft pack lithium batteries need to inject the electrolyte into the airbag during production. The existing lithium batteries generally use manual or automatic injection; due to the high yield of the automatic injection production method and the rapid production speed, it is widely used. use. However, the existing automatic liquid injection machine is in line production, which is not conducive to reducing production costs.

In addition, the process of loading and unloading of the automatic liquid injection machine also needs manual operation, which does not realize fully automated production.An automatic production line for lithium batteries is provided to solve the technical problems of low electrolyte injection efficiency, poor injection accuracy, and inability to prevent the reaction between the water in the atmosphere and the electrolyte solute lithium hexafluorophosphate during the injection.

Lithium battery automatic production line can realize full-automatic code scanning-filling-weighing-refilling-sealing operation in the super purificationglove box, realizing efficient and completely unmanned automated production, sealing the battery after the filling, and battery sealing is completed automatically high productivity.

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Laboratory Vacuum Glove Box

During the experiment, harmful gases that harm human health are often released, which seriously endangers the health of the experimenter and the atmospheric environment. For example, in the laboratory, people can use the way of installing ventilation equipment such as fume cupboards to avoid the inhalation of harmful gases by the experimenters as much as possible. However, if a teacher wants to do a chemistry demonstration experiment in the classroom, the harmful gas generated during the chemistry demonstration experiment must be released into the classroom space, which will cause pollution to the classroom air and affect the health of teachers and students.

In addition, the current ventilation devices only have a ventilation function, which cannot completely avoid harm to the human body and cannot purify the harmful gas, so that the harmful gas is directly discharged outdoors and becomes a pollution source of the air environment.Aiming at the above-mentioned shortcomings of the prior art, a gas purification glove box for chemical experiments is provided to avoid human injury and pollute the environment. The technical solution for solving the technical problem is characterized in that it includes a glove box body and a gas adsorption purification device.

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