Installation and Maintenance of Glove Box Gloves

Please refer to the following figure for the first installation of the glove box. Put the glove on the glove port first, and then install the inner and outer seal rings separately. After installation, check to make sure that the seal rings are in the grooves.

   If the gloves are damaged during use, they should be replaced in time. The steps are as following:

1. Push the glove to be replaced down into the glove box;

2. Remove the outer O-ring and move the inner O-ring to the outer groove of the glove port;

3. Roll the glove to the outside of the O-ring, taking care not to let the glove fall from the port of the glove;

4. Compress new gloves as much as possible to expel the air inside;

5. Install the new glove on the glove port and put it on the old glove;

6. Install an O-ring on the outside of the new glove and the groove inside the glove port;

7. If possible, put the new gloves into the isolated working gas environment for cleaning (this will remove the air to the greatest extent and reduce the amount of air entering the glove box);

8. From inside the glove box, use another glove to take the old glove into the box;

9. Install an O-ring on the groove outside the glove port outside the new glove;

10. Take out the old gloves through the transition chamber and dispose of them properly.

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How to Check the Sealing Effect of The Glove Box?

 The glove box sealing effect is good: the entire glove box sealing operation box is transparent plexiglass, the glove box sealing box is clear at a glance, and the viewing angle is wide and there is no dead angle. Its structure is simple, easy to use, can transmit ultraviolet light, and is light in weight.

 Under normal conditions, its shape is stable, highly transparent, resistant to chemical corrosion and climate change. The glove box sealed box is equipped with a porous power socket, which is convenient for scientific experiments. Thick latex gloves are used for operation gloves. The sealing is reliable and durable.

The glove box sealing device has novel design, reliable sealing and easy opening. The glove box has good sealing performance, and can shield and absorb alpha rays and low-energy beta rays emitted by radioactive materials to protect human tissues from damage by ionizing radiation. Optional accessories for glove box: water content analyzer, oxygen content analyzer, automatic control system, heating temperature control system, vacuum pump, etc.

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Glove Box Operation Tips

Operation tips

1. Regardless of whether you open the inner door or the outer door, you must ensure that the air pressure on both sides of the door is basically balanced, otherwise, either it will not open, or a "gas explosion" phenomenon occurs. Similarly, when pumping and inflating the box, it is also necessary to ensure that the three-way valve is open (that is, the air pressure inside and outside the glove is equal), otherwise, the glove will expand and burst.

2. If there is air leakage in the chamber, please first check whether the door of the transition room is tightly closed and whether the glove mouth is damaged. If there is leakage, please check the vacuum meter seat, valve and "O" ring and vacuum rubber on the two doors. The "O" ring on the transition room door and the glove door should be replaced regularly (depending on the frequency of use by the user).

3. When pumping down the system, please slowly open the valve and pay attention to the change of gloves at any time. If expansion occurs, the pumping speed should be slowed down. If the problem cannot be solved, the pumping should be stopped. If the gloves burst, check three. Whether the valve is open.

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Glove Box Function

1. Closed circulation: The vacuum glove box and the gas purification system form a closed circulation system, and the gas purification system provides gas circulation power.

2. Man-machine dialogue: configure color touch screen, Chinese interface, realize man-machine dialogue, convenient operation

3. Automatic control (integrated by a color touch screen human-machine interface and PLC program control system to control the system)

Realization function: manual/automatic control of cabinet pressure;

Hand/automatic control of the purification status of the gas purification system;

Automatically control the reduction process of the gas purification system;

Hand/automatic purification system reduction, purification and conversion purification column (when equipped with dual purification column);

Automatic cabinet atmosphere alarm;

Atmosphere and pressure parameter setting and manual/automatic conversion in the cabinet;

Parameter setting of automatic control function of gas purification system;

Check system history records;

Examination of the working conditions of the executive body of the gas purification system;

Operation error and warning tips of the program control system;

4. Reduction and regeneration

The purification system uses renewable/reducing purification materials, and the reduction process is automatically controlled by the system;

During the reduction and regeneration, it is necessary to meet the power supply and supply of a mixed gas of hydrogen (5-10%) plus inert gas.

5. Anti-misoperation: The system automatically detects the conditions and operating conditions of the equipment through the PLC program control system. If there is an error, the system issues a prompt instruction for incorrect operation or insufficient conditions. use equipment.

Glove box manufacturers usually go to the buyer's site to install and debug the glovebox;

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Composition of Anaerobic Glove Box

Anaerobic glove box is divided into four parts: anaerobic chamber, transmission cabin, bare hand sleeve operation hole, gas circuit and circuit control system.

  1. Anaerobic room

  Internal cavity mechanical forced convection and internal cavity positive pressure, to achieve constant temperature, humidity control, deoxygenation, biological detoxification, the four states are not uniform, and rapid recovery, operation and cultivation are carried out in the same room.

   2. Transmission module:

  Using a compact cylindrical design, it is easy to transfer samples with one person and one hand.

   3. Bare hand sleeve operation hole:

   No need for vacuum/nitrogen replacement process, both hands can go straight in and out of the anaerobic cavity.

   4. Control system:

  Timely state self-check alarm function to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

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Working Principle of Glove Box

As a kind of precision equipment, the principle of glove box is as follows:

Glove box system is a laboratory equipment that fills high-purity inert gas into a sealed box and circulates and filters out the active substances (water and oxygen can reach below 1ppm) through the purification system.

It is mainly composed of box, frame, transition cabin, gas purification system, PLC automatic control system, etc.

Mainly for the removal of O2, H2O and organic gas.

It is suitable for ultra pure environment without water, oxygen and dust. Such as: Li-ion battery and materials, semiconductor, super capacitor, special lamp, laser welding, brazing, etc.

In the case of micrana glove box, we can:

The glove box is a closed cycle design, saving operation cost. Under the standard condition, i.e. constant temperature of 20oC, a standard atmospheric pressure, 99.999% inert gas source, and the water oxygen index is less than 1 ppm;

304 stainless steel plate is used for the box body and large and small transition tanks. The front window is toughened glass, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant;

Touch screen PLC control, high degree of automation, can achieve: automatic control of gas pressure in the box, automatic cleaning of the box atmosphere, automatic regeneration of purification materials, automatic recording of system operation data and other operations;

Users can select various accessories on the standard glove box according to the actual needs: water analyzer, oxygen analyzer, solvent adsorber, refrigerator high temperature heating device, laser welding machine, etc.

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Work Instruction before Operating Glove Box

Vacuumglove box is widely used in gas purification industry. Although the present glove box design is more reasonable and easy to operate. However, the structure of the glove box is complex, there are many important parts, and the operation is a little improper, which may cause loss to your experimental results. This article introduces how to use the vacuum glove box correctly and the precautions for novices when operating the glove box.

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What's the Use of the Glove Box in Nichwell?

Use of Nichwell glove box: in the process of scientific experiment, some substances are easily oxidized and deliquesced in the atmosphere, which makes the chemical reaction of test substances and the pre-treatment of samples very difficult, affecting the test process and test results.

Nichwell vacuum glove box (also known as vacuum inert gas protection box) effectively solves these problems. The device is a laboratory equipment that fills high-purity inert gas into the box and circularly filters out water, oxygen, organic gas and other substances. Its main function is to remove O2, H2O and organic gas, and it is widely used in ultra pure environment without water, oxygen and dust. The product can be applied to the research and development and production of lithium battery, physical and chemical research, powder metallurgy, nuclear technology, special welding, OLED and pled research, pharmaceutical industry, material processing, special lamp research and development and production, fine chemical industry, polymer materials and other industries.

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What Should I Pay Attention to before Operating the Glove Box?

Vacuum glove box is widely used in industries with high requirements for gas purification. Although the current glove box design is more reasonable and easy to operate. However, the structure inside the glove box is complicated, there are many important parts, and the operation is slightly improper, which may cause loss to your experimental results. This article introduces you to the precautions before operating the glove box.
Work before operating the glove box:
1. Check whether there is nitrogen in the nitrogen bottle. The nitrogen should be replaced in time. The output pressure of nitrogen is set to 0.5mpa.
2. Check whether the vacuum pump is turned on normally.
3. Check whether the circulation in the glove box is open. (Purification column-I or purification column-II should open one of them)
4. Check the upper limit pressure in the setting should be +1, the lower limit pressure is 0
5. Check whether oxygen and dew point are normal (oxygen is below 0.1ppm, dew point is above -40)
6. The vacuum pump in the over cabin should be in the normally open state

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What Should be Paid Attention to When Operating the Glove Box?

1. The vacuum pump should be kept on during glove box system operation.
2. When the oxygen concentration in the tank exceeds 200PPM, the equipment maintenance personnel should be notified to operate the system, otherwise the water and oxygen purification system will be damaged.

3. Before starting the cycle, check whether the cabinet is in condition or regenerating. As the above mentioned operations are in progress, it is absolutely forbidden to cycle.
4. The two purification columns cannot be regenerated at the same time.
A. Before regeneration, ensure that the glove box has been cleaned with inert gas (H2O <200ppm) to ensure sufficient supply of regeneration gas. The regeneration gas pressure is 0.06-0.08mpa.
B. Before starting regeneration, please make sure that the corresponding purification column circulation is closed.
C. The regeneration process takes 24 hours. Once the execution cannot be disconnected, the regeneration gas should be passed 3-6 hours after the regeneration starts. Pay attention to the amount of regeneration gas, properly adjust the pressure of the regeneration gas, and guarantee the sufficient supply of regeneration gas in these 3 hours After 6 hours, the origin of regeneration can be turned off.
D. The vacuum pump cannot be turned off during the regeneration process. Do not touch the top of the purification column to prevent burns.
E. Once the regeneration is terminated unexpectedly, please ensure that the regeneration and circulation of the purification column cannot be restarted within 12 hours or the equipment will be damaged.
5. Care should be taken to protect the working gloves from being damaged during the operation

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