Vacuum Coating Machine

The vacuum coating machine consists of a vacuum coating chamber, evaporation source, vacuum unit, fixture, evaporation power supply, control system and auxiliary devices.

Vacuum coating machine mainly refers to a type of coating that needs to be carried out under a higher vacuum, including many types, including vacuum ion evaporation, magnetron sputtering, MBE molecular beam epitaxy, PLD laser sputtering deposition and many other types. The main idea is divided into evaporation and sputtering.

Main features of vacuum coating machine:

1. Equipped with quartz crystal or optical film thickness control instrument, which can realize automatic control of film thickness and coating and realize high-precision coating effect.

2. Equipped with RF ion bombardment device to purify the surface of the substrate, make the film and the surface of the substrate better adhesion, and improve the strength of the film.

3. It can vapor-deposit two or more different vapor-deposition materials at the same time, and can be made into composite film.

4. Easy to operate, ideal for production and scientific research.

5. It has the functions of over current, over voltage protection, water cut, under voltage protection and electrical interlock.

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Detailed Structure of Vacuum Coating Machine

High-vacuumcoating machine, coating machine is currently a wide range of equipment for producing vacuum conditions. Its related components and components: mechanical pump, booster pump, oil diffusion pump, condensate pump, vacuum measurement system.

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Vacuum Glove Box Evaporation Coating

 Vacuum glove box Vacuum evaporation glove box (referred to as vapor deposition for short) is a glove box technology that has developed early in PVD professional skills and is widely used in technology. Although sputter plating and ion plating developed later have advantages over vapor deposition in many aspects, vacuum transpiration professional skills still have many advantages, such as the relative simplicity of special equipment and processing technology, which can plate very pure The film layer, which can be prepared with a special structure and properties, is still a very important glove box professional skill nowadays. In recent years, because of the extensive application of electronic bombardment transpiration, high-frequency induction transpiration and laser transpiration in the professional skills of transpiration glove boxes, this professional skill has become more and more perfect.

  Place the film in the vacuum glove box and use the evaporation source to heat it to evaporate. When the average free path of the evaporated molecules is greater than the linear scale of the vacuum glove box, the vapor atoms and molecules escape from the surface of the evaporation source. Blocked by the impact of other molecules or atoms, it can directly reach the surface of the coated substrate. Because the substrate temperature is low, it will condense on it and form a film. In order to improve the adhesion of the evaporated molecules to the substrate, the substrate is subjected to Appropriate heating is required. In order to make the evaporation glove box run smoothly, it should have the vacuum conditions in the evaporation process and the evaporation conditions in the film production process.

  Vacuum conditions during evaporation: When the average free path of the vapor molecules in the vacuum glove box is greater than the distance between the evaporation source and the substrate (called the evaporation distance), sufficient vacuum conditions will be obtained. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the average free path of the remaining gas, thereby reducing the collision probability of the vapor molecules and the remaining gas molecules, and pumping the vacuum glove box into a high vacuum.

  The vacuum degree in the vacuum glove box process is not as high as possible, because when the vacuum in the vacuum glove box exceeds 10-6Pa, it is necessary to bake the vacuum system to achieve degassing. Because the degassing of baking will form the pollution of the substrate, the film can be produced under high vacuum of 10-5Pa without degassing by baking, and the quality of the film is not necessarily better than that of the film prepared under ultra high vacuum. Poor quality is worth noting. Therefore, in the vacuum transpiration glove box equipment, the vacuum degree selected in the glove box room should generally be higher than 10-2Pa and lower than 10-5Pa.

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How to Check the Sealing Effect of The Glove Box?

 The glove box sealing effect is good: the entire glove box sealing operation box is transparent plexiglass, the glove box sealing box is clear at a glance, and the viewing angle is wide and there is no dead angle. Its structure is simple, easy to use, can transmit ultraviolet light, and is light in weight.

 Under normal conditions, its shape is stable, highly transparent, resistant to chemical corrosion and climate change. The glove box sealed box is equipped with a porous power socket, which is convenient for scientific experiments. Thick latex gloves are used for operation gloves. The sealing is reliable and durable.

The glove box sealing device has novel design, reliable sealing and easy opening. The glove box has good sealing performance, and can shield and absorb alpha rays and low-energy beta rays emitted by radioactive materials to protect human tissues from damage by ionizing radiation. Optional accessories for glove box: water content analyzer, oxygen content analyzer, automatic control system, heating temperature control system, vacuum pump, etc.

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Vacuum Coating Series Vacuum Pumping Device

In the prior art, a vacuum port is often provided on the vacuum cavity of a vacuum coating machine, which results in uneven airflow in the vacuum cavity, and atomization sputtered from the plating material or sputtering target during the coating process.  Ion dispersion is uneven, which greatly rigidifies the uniformity of the coating.

Provide a glove box vapor deposition all-in-one machine. This system is integrated with a vacuum coating system and a glove box system. It can complete thin film evaporation in a high vacuum evaporation chamber and perform samples in a high purity inert gas atmosphere in the glove box. Equipment use: mainly used in solar cell perovskite, OLED and PLED, semiconductor preparation and other experimental research and application.

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Vacuum Coating Series Glove Box Evaporation Machine

The sample platform of the vacuum evaporation system can only complete the evaporation and film formation of organic and metal sources, and can only make 4 samples at one time. Although the magnetron sputtering system and the homogeneous film-forming system can also be connected to the evaporation chamber through a transition chamber, such equipment cannot place the magnetron sputtering system inside the evaporation chamber, and the mechanical manufacturing is complicated and inefficient. In addition, most machines cannot prepare multiple samples at one time. After the evaporation of each batch of samples, the atmosphere of the evaporation chamber needs to be destroyed to reload the samples, and then re-evacuate. As a result, researchers need to spend longer experimental time to obtain the experimental environment and perform relatively complicated operating steps, and the samples prepared for each batch are also different, resulting in the consequences of production lag and reduced scientific research efficiency.

For this reason, in the prior art, the sample platform of the vacuum evaporation system can only complete the evaporation and film formation of organic and metal sources, and can only produce a small number of samples at one time, and the production efficiency is low. machine. This system is integrated by vacuum coating system and glove box system. It can complete thin film evaporation in a high vacuum evaporation chamber, and store and prepare samples in a high purity inert gas atmosphere in the glove box.

The combination of evaporation coating and glove box realizes the fully enclosed production of evaporation, packaging, and testing processes, so that the entire film growth and device preparation process is highly integrated in a complete controllable environment atmosphere system, eliminating the organic large area circuit preparation process The influence of unstable factors in the atmospheric environment guarantees the preparation of high-performance, large-area organic optoelectronic, devices and circuits.

They are mainly used in solar cell perovskite, OLED and PLED, semiconductor preparation and other experimental research and application.

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High-Precision Vacuum Coating Device

The vacuum pumping device includes a vacuum pump and a vacuum pressure sensor. The vacuum pressure sensor is installed in the central vacuum chamber. The new high-precision vacuum coating device improves the accuracy of coating thickness control and the repeatability of the product processing process.

Vacuumcoating is a technology that produces thin-film materials by physical methods. The atoms of the materials in the vacuum chamber are separated from the heating source and hit the surface of the object to be coated. It is widely used in the production of optical lenses, such as marine telescope lenses, etc.; it is extended to other functional films, aluminum plating for records, decorative coatings, and surface modification of materials. Vacuum evaporation coating is to heat the raw material of the thin film to be formed in the evaporation container in a vacuum chamber, so that atoms or molecules vaporize and escape from the surface to form a vapor stream, which is incident on the solid to be coated, that is, the surface of the substrate or substrate. The method of condensing to form a solid film.

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Glove Box Vapor Deposition Integrated Machine in Coating Field

In the field of coating, the thickness of the film sample after coating is an important factor affecting the performance of the film. Therefore, when evaluating the performance of a film sample, it is necessary to test the performance of the film sample at different thicknesses. In the case of vacuumcoating, this often requires multiple sample preparations.

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Structure and Function of Vacuum Coating System

The sputtering method is widely used in the industry because of its fast deposition rate, good compactness and high purity. However, the current sputtering deposition system, which can heat up, deposit and cool the substrate in a single chamber, is often inefficient, and the film deposition is uneven, so the equipment maintenance is difficult. And the influence of cooling temperature on the film after deposition has not been considered in the prior art.

A vacuum coating system is provided, which is composed of a vacuum coating system and a vacuum glove box system. The system can complete the film evaporation in a high vacuum evaporation chamber, and store and prepare samples in a high-purity inert gas atmosphere in the glove box, as well as detect the samples after evaporation.

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Sputter Coating Device Capable of Maintaining Vacuum Degree

Magnetron emission is a type of physical vapor deposition. The general spray method can be used to prepare many materials such as metals, semiconductors, insulators, and has the advantages of simple equipment, easy control, large coating area, and strong adhesion. The magnetron sputtering method developed in the 1970s is even more It achieves high speed, low temperature and low damage. Because high-speed sputtering is performed under low pressure, the ionization rate of the gas must be effectively increased. Magnetron sputtering introduces a magnetic field on the surface of the target cathode and uses the magnetic field to confine charged particles to increase the plasma density and increase the sputtering rate.

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