Application of Oxygen And Dew Point Analyzer In Lithium Battery Glove Box

Application of glove box:


Theglove box is a universal working platform that provides a very high-purity inert gas environment. The inert gas concentration in this working platform can reach a very high level. Some materials that are very sensitive to H2O or oxygen can be studied, processed or tested in the glove box.


Glove boxes have been increasingly used in scientific experiments, new material development, biomedicine, chemicals, lithium batteries, solar cells, nuclear industry and nuclear materials, new lighting, special welding, vacuum coating and other industries and fields. As a general platform, the glove box can provide working conditions for experiments or production that require high-purity inert gas protection, low H2O and low oxygen content, or dust-free sterile environment.


Application of oxygen analyzer products in the glove box of the lithium battery industry:


1. Install the oxygen analyzer in the glove box: it is used to monitor the oxygen content in the box and can display the current content on the touch screen;


2. The oxygen analyzer can be interlocked with the circulating fan and purifier in the glove box to achieve continuous deoxygenation when the oxygen content is high and maintain test or production conditions;


3. When the oxygen analyzer is regenerating in the purification system of the glove box, monitor the oxygen content in the box. After purifying for 24 hours, the oxygen content in the box should be less than 1PPM. If the content is too high, it may be suspected that the glove box is not tightly sealed or there are other problems.


4. The upper and lower limit alarm points of the oxygen content of the gas to be measured can be set arbitrarily according to the site process requirements.


5. It can be used to monitor the increase in oxygen content caused by switching the transition chamber during the discharging and feeding process.


Application of Dew Point Analyzer in Glove Box


1. In the production of lithium batteries, during the process of electrolyte injection, the electrolyte contains LiPF6, which will produce hydrogen fluoride gas when encountering moisture. This corrosive gas will cause corrosion and accuracy drift of the sensor of the trace dew point analyzer. Will greatly reduce the service life of the trace dew point analyzer;


2. In the production of lithium batteries, the change of the moisture content of the glove box depends on the normal operation of the drying equipment, the feeding and reclaiming process of the glove box and the frequency of in and out, because of the sensitivity of some dew point analyzers Not fast enough, which brings a lot of trouble to quality management;


3. The installation position of the dew point analyzer in the glove box is very important, because the corrosive gas generated in the production of lithium batteries will directly affect the life and accuracy of the dew point analyzer.

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Scope and Structure of Vacuum Glove Box

In many chemical reactions and pre-processing of test samples, some substances are very sensitive to oxygen and water, and cannot be carried out under general circumstances. Although the chemical reaction of such substances can be carried out in a vacuum container, it cannot be operated, which makes it very difficult to pre-process the chemical reaction samples of such substances. The use of a vacuum glove box allows such substances to be freely operated, reacted, and tested in the absence of oxygen and water, so it is used in chemistry, chemical engineering, biology, and health, especially in certain catalysts and metal organics (such as M0 source, etc.) ) Has a wide range of uses in preparation and research.

The glove box is a device that provides a water-free and oxygen-free environment. The device is mainly composed of a display system, a transition cabin, a vacuum system, a control system, a box, a recycling purification and regeneration system, etc. Integration of solvent filtration system and water and oxygen display system. The cabinet is made of high-quality steel plate or mirror stainless steel argon arc welding, double-layer tempered glass. Beautiful and novel, stable performance

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Types of Automated Production Lines

With the increase of new energy vehicles, the rapid development of the lithium battery industry;
With the increasing demand for intelligence in production enterprises ...
The products demanded by the rapid development of all walks of life are constantly improving. Based on technology, Mi Cairo always walks at the forefront of scientific research, provides multi-level and multi-type products, and more can provide customized products Product capabilities.
Let me introduce you to the type of automated production line in Nichwell.

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Production of Sealed Structure Lithium Battery Equipment

With the development of science and technology, lithium batteries are widely used in many fields such as electric vehicles, electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, electric vehicles, military equipment, aerospace, notebook computers, and mobile power supplies. The large-capacity lithium-ion battery currently developed has been used in electric vehicles and is expected to become one of the main power sources for electric vehicles in the 21st century, and will be used in artificial satellites, aerospace and energy storage.

With the shortage of energy in the world and the pressure of global environmental protection, lithium batteries are being widely used in the electric vehicle industry. Because the lithium ion battery needs to inject electrolyte into the battery during the production process, and then discharge the gas inside the battery through the formation process. This puts higher requirements on the sealing performance of the battery after liquid injection, the smooth exhaust during the formation process and the sealing performance after the completion of the formation.

There are many disadvantages in the operation process: seal failure is prone to occur, the operation process is cumbersome, and the cost is high. In order to be able to solve the problems in the existing technology, the lithium battery automated production line produced by the latest technology in Nichwell glove box  can ensure the liquid injection and exhaust, and also effectively prevent the external moisture from entering the battery and operate simple.

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Production of Lithium-Ion Battery Equipment

Production of Lithium-Ion Battery Equipment

The existing lithium ion battery injection method and equipment are relatively complete, but due to the relatively large injection volume of the lithium ion power battery, the existing injection equipment can no longer meet the production needs. The injection of the lithium ion power battery is the battery preparation process A very important process in the current, and the current lithium ion battery injection equipment uses a simple composed of electrolyte irrigation, storage tank, liquid injection valve, injection pump, injection cylinder, injection needle and vacuum pump. The device needs to open the valve manually, and only one battery can be injected at a time. The injection efficiency is low and the operation is inconvenient.

In order to solve the problem that the existing lithium ion power battery liquid injection equipment needs to manually open the valve, only one battery can be injected at a time, the liquid injection efficiency is low, and the operation is inconvenient. Nichwell provides an automatic production line for lithium batteries. The automatic production line for lithium batteries can realize automatic code scanning-injection-weighing-replenishment-sealing operation in the super-purified glove box, which can complete the injection of multiple batteries in one operation. Liquid, easy production operation, high injection efficiency.

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Lithium Battery Automatic Production Line Characteristics and Applicable Fields

Lithiumbattery automatic production line features

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Features of Solid-State Lithium-Ion Battery Automated Production Line Equipment


This production line is a fully automated production line for round solid-state batteries. The whole process is completed in the glove box, ensuring that the entire process is produced in an oxygen-free and water-free environment, ensuring the quality of the product. In order to ensure that the positive electrode material, solid electrolyte, and negative electrode material are accurately injected, the process characteristics are as follows:

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The Key Role of Glove Box in the Process of Making Lithium Battery

In recent years, with the rise of lithium battery manufacturing industry, the participation of many lithium battery manufacturing companies has made the domestic lithium battery market uneven.Now the lithium battery industry has entered a stage of rapid development, but the current equipment and process conditions all restrict us The rapid development of many companies in the industry, how to make lithium batteries small and durable, high energy storage density, and even beautiful, etc., are all problems in front of us! Equipment is one of the important aspects, introduced here Let's take a look at the key role of Nichwell's glove box in the production of lithium batteries.

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The Importance of Automated Production Lines

With the promotion of new energy vehicles, environmentally friendly electric vehicles have become a new trend of energy saving and emission reduction for automobiles. Because of its high efficiency, safety and reliability, lithium ion batteries are currently the best comprehensive green batteries. The application fields of lithium-ion batteries will become more and more extensive. Lithium-ion batteries are composed of three parts: a battery cell, a protection circuit, and a case. The shell is divided into a shell and a cover. Insulation seals, gaskets, etc. need to be provided on the battery cover. Traditional battery covers are assembled manually by workers, and the cover marking, laser welding, CCD detection, cover film, and film bending are required. Each production process, such as cleaning fixtures, is equipped with a corresponding production line, which results in greater labor intensity, higher production costs, low production efficiency, and low assembly accuracy, which cannot meet the needs of large-scale battery production.
In order to solve the existing technical needs of manual assembly by workers, Etelux resulted in higher production costs, lower production efficiency and lower assembly accuracy. And provide a 
lithium battery automated productionline.

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Standardized Lithium-ion Battery Production Line

With the worldwide energy crisis and climate warming, a new energy model is urgently needed in the field of transportation. Lithium-ion batteries have attracted widespread attention in the field of transportation due to their environmental protection and high energy output. At present, relevant industries around the world have conducted extensive research on the application of lithium ion batteries in this field.

Lithium-ion batteries have the advantages of high working voltage, high specific energy, long cycle life, and no environmental pollution. They are not only widely used in mobile communication equipment and portable electronic equipment, but also widely used in electric vehicles, electric bicycles, and power tools. In terms of large and medium-sized electric equipment, it is the main development direction of major battery manufacturers. At present, lithium-ion battery packs have been widely used in various fields, especially in the field of electric vehicles.

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