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Nichwell a-1200v Anaerobic Vacuum Glove Box with Cold Trap Heating Oven Non-standard Custom
This Inert Controlled Anaerobic Vacuum 4 Glove Glovebox System are complete standalone systems integ..
α-1200U Separated Inert Vacuum Controlled Atmospheres Glovebox
Main ApplicationsCreate oxygen-free and moisture-free environment for organometallic chemistry, orga..
Nichwell F-1000TZ Glovebox Oxygen Analyser
PictureInstallation methods NW40 PortFeatures- Easy user calibration procedure- Low maintenanc..
rectangle Antechamber
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Pull shelves
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Microscopes Glovebox
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μ-401A-ROG Lab Thermal & Organic Evaporation Deposition Platform &Glovebox System
磁控溅射是物理气相沉积技术(Physical Vapor Deposition, PVD)的一种。一般用于制备金属、半导体、绝缘体等薄膜材料,具有设备简单、易于控制、效率高,面积大等优点。 ..
Nichwell a-1200u Vacuum Welding Glove Box
Before operation, evacuate the entire box, completely exhaust the air in the box, and then fill it w..
α-1200U Inert Vacuum Controlled Atmospheres Glovebox
α-1200U Inert Vacuum Controlled Atmospheres GloveboxExternal StructureChamber CapacityApproximately ..
α-800P Mini Glovebox
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α-800P Mini Glovebox External StructureChamber CapacityApproximately 13.1 cu.F.t (0.37 m³)Overa..
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